the story so far

                                  IAN MACPHERSON - A BULLET POINT LIFE

  1.   He was born in Birmingham but left for Dublin at the age of two, taking both parents with him.

  1.   When he had the accent sorted out, and a modest degree from University College, Dublin, he moved to London where he wrote and acted in such shows as One For The Road, Mutiny on the Bountiny (sic) and The Good, The Bad and The Banana.

  1.   This experience taught him a very valuable lesson: Never act with animals, children or fruit.

  1.   He joined the first Irish touring company in Britain.

  1.   From there it was a logical progression to stand-up comedy which, at the time – the early 80s – was innovative, exciting and badly paid.

  1.   He won the first London Time Out Comedy Award in 1988.

  1.   Several one-man shows followed at the Edinburgh festival, including The Chair at the Assembly Rooms (2001) and The Joy Of Death (2002) at the Pleasance.

  1.   In 1999 he published Deep Probings, which was broadcast on Radio 4’s Book at Bedtime in 2004.

  1.   He followed this with a children's book, ‘Late Again!’

  1.   He has recently completed three further children's books - Hortense and her Sensible Friend, Crumbs and The Boy With The Secret Brain.

  1.   Not to mention A Very Nautical Boy, which is aimed at the dysfunctional teenage market and fifty-year-old boys of both sexes.

  1.   His play, Anguish With Posie, premiered at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, in January 2010.

  1.   The Autobiography Of Ireland's Greatest Living Genius was published by Gnarled Tree Press, an imprint of Cloudberry Books, in September 2011.

  1.   A tie-in event - The Everlasting Book Launch - will tour from 2011. Everlastingly.

  1.   He lives in Glasgow’s West End with writer Magi Gibson, his many awards, and a suitcase full of memories.