‘The Godfather of leftfield Irish comedy'
Hot Press

‘The Comedians’ Comedian’
Irish Times

‘This man will rot in hell’
Radio 4 Listener

‘One of the most creative and intelligent comedians I’ve ever seen’
The Guardian

‘ ’
Harry Hill
Too complimentary to include. There are limits.

‘Pre-dating and pre-empting all contemporary Irish comics, and the originator of the most influential joke of all time, Ian Macpherson is the Newgrange Megalithic Passage Tomb of stand-up comedy’
Stewart Lee

I realise I’ve included the Stewart Lee quote more than once
on this website.
It certainly bears repetition.
In fact, I’m seriously contemplating having it set to music.

Deep Probings

‘For a funny Celt, catch tonight's last episode of the current Book at Bedtime. The memoirs of Fiachra MacFiach, read with perfect gravity by Ian Macpherson, reveal a sort of Irish Pooter’ 
Financial Times
'A small gem. Truffle for it online'
World Literature Tour
The Guardian

Late Again!

A novel for 7 – 10 year olds.
‘Its surreal twists and melancholic sense of fun will delight adults of all ages’
The Guardian  

The Joy of Death   

Edinburgh Fringe 2002 Pleasance
‘A mini-masterpiece’
Scotland on Sunday

The Chair    

Edinburgh Fringe 2001 Assembly Rooms
‘A small tragic masterpiece, but you would hardly have known it to hear the laughter from the audience’ Scotsman

Ian often writes negative reviews about himself in order to redress the balance. These are mainly to be found in pseudonymous blogs. He sometimes comes across them by accident and feels quite hurt.