This is my new book. It’s just out. I’m humbled by the reviews. You can get it here.
The Book of Blaise

For Magi
my one wish –
that we die together
at the age of 96
making love

with all our children

at the bedside

That’s the dedication. Isn’t it truly, truly beautiful?
And they say great poetry is dead!

'He is a standup comedian with an acerbic wit, leaving you breathless with laughter at the sheer absurdity of life, and his life in particular. To say that his act is based on things going wrong is like saying that Genghis Khan was a warmonger. It gives you the idea, but does not indicate the sheer scale of the enterprise. And The Book of Blaise is the Everest of absurdity.'  

‘Kick Myles na gCopaleen into the next century and you'd get something like Ian Macpherson - the same eye for absurdity, the same ear for wordplay’ 
David Robinson:  Emeritus Literary Editor – The Scotsman

The Book of Blaise is the unapologetically personal account of one man’s struggle with the superiority of women, specifically his wife Blaise. It’s the funniest book I’ve read since… his last one.'